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Project Description
The Wintellect Silverlight Touch Library is a reusable library that provides Multi-Touch support for Silverlight applications by via Manipulations, Gestures, and specialized Behaviors and controls.

The Wintellect Silverlight Touch Library has been developed to augment the limited out-of-the-box support available for Touch interactions in the current releases of Silverlight.  These enhancements include:

  • Attaching Manipulation events to controls in XAML markup via attached Behaviors.
  • Higher-level Gesture support via attached behaviors.  This has been implemented to provide parity with the Gesture implementation included in the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit.
  • Attached Behaviors that allow controls that contain a ScrollViewer (such as the ListBox) to respond to touch-based scrolling.  This includes the use of inertia in the scrolling.
  • A specialized ComboBox implementation that also incorporates the smooth scrolling, but does not close the popup as a result of the conclusion of the Touch operation.

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